September 11, 2013

Stansfield, third-graders ready for challenges

BHG News Service
    After living and working in California for the past 20 years, elementary teacher Kerrie Stansfield decided it was time for a change of pace, so she and her husband, Jay, decided to move back to the Midwest. Kerrie is the new third-grade teacher at the Underwood School and has also taken on the role of athletic director and speech/drama coach.
    After growing up in Bertha, Minn., then living and working in California for 20 years, the decision to move back up north was an easy one. She and Jay recently moved to Wilton.
    “I missed home,” she smiled. “I just missed being here. I missed the people, missed everything.”
    She likes the slow-paced, family-oriented lifestyle of North Dakota. She likes having a small class size where she can get to know every student and his or her parents. It wasn’t exactly the same situation back in California.



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