February 13, 2013

Start preparing for Key Ingredients exhibit

By Michael Johnson, Editor

You can almost smell the foods of our region rising up from the Underwood City Hall as displays for the Smithsonian’s Key Ingredients display start to come in. Volunteers will set those displays up in March and begin inviting in all area folks looking to learn more about the foods of our culture. But before that time, the planners of this event say your help is needed. Anyone that can help should call event planners. Antique items of the kitchen have begun to come into the Underwood Library. Items like butter churns, old cooking utensils, krumkake irons, lefse making equipment, wheat grinders or an old cast iron stove would all be wonderful additions to the display. This will help people see what tools were used in making our foods years ago and what is used now. More are needed to best tell the story. All items will be returned.

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