September 17, 2014

Still focused on farmers, Farm Supply adds truck sales

By Suzanne Werre

Who knew a sign could raise so many questions?

Since the "Four Star Truck Sales" sign was put up outside the Underwood Farm Supply building in Underwood, a lot of people have been asking, "What’s up at Farm Supply. Since when do they sell trucks? Will more trucks be coming in? Where did the trucks come from?"

According to Farm Supply Manager Steve Cottingham, Underwood’s Four Star Truck Sales is a small part of Underwood Farm Supply and also a branch of Four Star Truck Sales in Oakes. The owner of the Four Star Truck Sales in Oakes is a business associate of new Farm Supply owner, Joe Nelson.

The two trucks and a couple trailers have been located outside the front of the building for about three months without a whole lot of interest, noted Cottingham. But in the two weeks or so that the sign has been up, there has been more interest and plenty of questions.

At this point, Underwood has a very small inventory, and Cottingham doesn’t know if it will be increasing or not. The Oakes business, however, has a large inventory, and if someone is looking for a particular truck, Cottingham is able to check what’s available at Oakes.

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