October 26, 2011

Strasser, Ruff duo run marathon in Twin Cities

By Michael Johnson, Editor

It’s getting to the season where most of us would rather let the vehicle warm up five minutes before driving it three blocks to work. We shake our frostbitten ears at the thought of walking outside. Running is reserved for emergency situations, like a tip-up going off on the lake. But for two local athletes, the day just doesn’t start right without a good run. Those two, Val Strasser and Clayton Ruff, pushed themselves to finish a marathon in Minneapolis and St. Paul on Oct. 2. They will continue to run through the winter to stay in shape in preparation for many years of running to come. The two started running together about three years ago. Strasser is the veteran and has made running an important part of her life for many years. That has been instilled in her husband Bill and their children who are track runners as well. Strasser started running with Ruff’s wife Kelli, but when knee injuries kept her from going, Clayton was pulled in to give Strasser some running company. Strasser’s husband runs as well, but has not signed off on entering a marathon … yet.



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