January 8, 2014

Street, sewer price tag packs a wallop

By Suzanne Werre
BHG News

The city commissioners got their first estimate of what installing streets and sewer might be for the proposed industrial park on the north edge of Underwood, prompting a sharp whistle from one of the commissioners when he saw the price tag Monday night.

Initial estimate for a 24’ wide gravel street a little over a mile long was $540,000 including engineering and other fees. If the commission opted to go with asphalt for the street that will lead to approximately 14 lots of industrial property, the cost jumped up to about $1.35 million.

Add on the estimated cost of a conventional sewer system leading to all of the properties of $800,000, and the commissioners were a bit taken aback by the cost.

"That’s a lot of money per lot," commented commissioner Jim Bailey. "No one will buy it."

The cost comes down considerably and met with more commissioner approval, when they started looking at the 3" forcemain sewer system for the lots, which came in at just under $300,000.



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