March 26, 2009

Students give from the heart

By Brenda L. Shelkey

Arianna Troyna, age 3, doesn’t know it, but she has a set of guardian angels from Underwood School who worked together last week to raise money to help the little girl and her family in their fight against her bout with leukemia. It all started with a poster Teona Hager saw hanging in her church, announcing a benefit concert being held in Arianna’s honor, in order to raise funds for the family. As a member of Underwood’s student council, Hager decided she wanted to do something to help so she took her idea to the student council and asked them to consider raising $500 for the family. She said, "I thought this would be a good way to give back." The Underwood Student Council members, along with their advisor Kim Wertz, agreed. They set a goal of $750, even more than Hager anticipated, and came up with a plan to hold the benefit the last day of school before spring break.

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