May 1, 2013

Students honored at Masonic Banquet

By Michael Johnson, Editor

It is said that a Mason finds ways in which to serve his God, his family, his fellow man, and his country. The Masons of the Fellowship Lodge No. 122 in Washburn have been working to continue that tradition through recognizing area students with excellent scholastic achievement in grades nine through 12. And they’ve been doing it locally for Washburn, Wilton, Underwood and Turtle Lake for 50 years. This year Master of the Lodge, Mason Mac Beaudry, helped celebrate the 50th year by welcoming students from four schools to the annual Masonic Scholastic Honor Banquet in Washburn on April 22. The banquet is a way for the Masons and their wives to serve a fine meal for the area students and their parents, as well as award the students with consistently high scores.



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