October 4, 2017

Students into Gallery on the Go

By Suzanne Werre
Elementary students learn all about colors, more specifically coloring, but Friday morning the elementary students from Underwood were taking their brushes to paint and canvas, creating their one-of-a-kind paintings that look just a little bit like the painting their classmate painted.
Katrina Yellowbird, an independent consultant for Gallery on the Go, spent Friday with Underwood School students, guiding them through a painting class – a different painting for different age groups.
“We’re looking for a way to expose all of our students to some of the different aspects of the arts,” said Dean of Students Toni Cottingham. “It’s an area that in some of our smaller schools is hard to expose students to, especially in the upper levels, but with canvas painting and having Katrina, who is an alum, it’s been a perfect opportunity to allow these kids to try something that they might never get a chance to do.”
Yellowbird enjoys her chance to work with all of the kids. Her typical Gallery on the Go party is for 10 to 15 people. On Friday, her smallest group had about 25 students, while the largest group was about 35 kids – all of them anxious and ready to get painting.
Well, maybe not all of them are so anxious, noted Yellowbird. But she hopes she brings enough excitement in her presentation that everyone ends up enjoying themselves, and some of them might even find out that they really enjoy painting, and they’re really good at it.
She also says she definitely appreciates the help of the teachers during the art classes.



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