October 8, 2009

Students learn life-saving techniques

By Alyssa Schafer

Thanks to a new course, a number of Underwood students will know what to do in an emergency situation. In cooperation with Underwood High School Advanced Health teacher Toni Cottingham, a first responders course is being taught by Barb Moe, who became an EMT in 1991 and is now a training officer for Coal Creek Station’s Ambulance Squad. Moe and Cottingham started planning the first responder class last year. Fortunately Cottingham’s Advanced Health class was a perfect fit for adding a first responder component, Moe said. First responder training incorporates emergency medical techniques like patient lifting, splinting and patient assessment, Moe said. The majority of the correspondence between Moe and the students will be conducted via e-mail. They will complete homework assignments, quizzes and tests this way. Only the final test will be done in class, Moe said. "I’m treating them more like young adults to prepare them for college," Moe said. "Everything is their choice. I want to see participation."



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