July 1, 2010

Students won’t forget the Alamo

By Michael Johnson, Editor

When Harvey Public School band didn’t have quite enough students to make their trip to Texas, they needed to recruit a few more students from other schools. Underwood choir students were happy to attend. The group had to raise money to attend the week-long trip to San Antonio, Texas, where they had quite the educational experience. Harvey and Underwood students and directors were joined by Beulah and Shiloh Christian students and directors. Directors included Heidi Olson of Harvey, Phil Voeller of Beulah, Heidi Quinn of Underwood and Whitney Faul of Shiloh. The trip wasn’t all for fun but even the work of singing and the educational portions were a fun experience. As a group they performed at the Alamo, at a Spanish market (El Mercado) and they had a Master Choir Class at Trinity University. All band and choir students were invited to attend but it was purely an option. An option that some students are glad they took because of the added opportunities it provided. It was even beneficial for the directors.

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