January 16, 2015

Students work with ND clay

By Suzanne Werre

It’s a goal of every teacher to get his or her students excited about every project they’re doing, and it’s pretty much a given that each of the elementary teachers achieved that goal as pottery artist Robin Reynolds completed an Artist-in-Residence week with the students.

The classes were given different projects that they molded with North Dakota’s own Hebron clay. Many cultural traditions were shared with the students as they worked with the clay and paint, creating their own one-of-a-kind creations.

The kindergarten and first-graders were excited about their projects, and couldn’t stop talking about them.

"We made a pancake with our hand print in it," said preschooler Morgan Snyder. "It’s a pancake with our hand, made out of clay."

It started out with a ball of clay, then you pat-pat-pat it, then you flipped it over, and pat-pat-patted it again, she said.

First-graders Emma Adolf and Sally Heger were excited about the pinch pots they made.

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