December 17, 2015

Students writing ‘Stanley the Snowman’ adventure book

By Suzanne Werre

A wintertime visitor has been visiting the students and staff members of the Underwood Elementary School lately, making the rounds from room to room, going on different adventures each day.

How big of an adventure he goes on, though, is up to the students.

For the past week or so, Stanley the Snowman has been stopping by the different classrooms in the elementary school, going on whatever adventures the students dream up for him.

The goal when the idea of Stanley the Snowman was hatched, was to see how imaginative the students can get, says fourth-grade teacher DeAnn Brunelle, who came up with the idea with the help of kindergarten teacher Deb LeRoy.

Sharing their own family traditions of passing a white elephant gift around from family member to family member, morphed into Stanley the Snowman, the snowman who wants to go on an adventure.

"My students kept asking ‘why is he here,’ and ‘where is he going next’," said Brunelle. "They were being so creative when they were coming up with the story.

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