March 3, 2011

Superintendent specs narrowed

By Michael Johnson, Editor

During the end of January, Underwood School superintendent Dale Ekstrom announced his plans for retirement at the end of the school year. The personnel committee and the rest of the school board of directors is identifying exactly what they want to see in a new superintendent. After a discussion with input from all directors last Tuesday, it appeared the ideal candidate would have much the same abilities as Ekstrom, plus consider living in the district. The personnel committee formed a number of questions that they considered and asked of the school principals. The committee, made up of Brad Landenberger, Tania Eichhorst and Sue Trautman, decided that the following was important to the position: full-time was not necessary, having a consistent schedule with time for classroom visits was important, knowledge of educational programs and Title programs, grant writing skills and the possibility of combining jobs.



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