November 25, 2014

Superintendent’s evaluation satisfactory

By Cheryl McCormack
BHG News

The Underwood School Board recently evaluated Superintendent Brandt Dick, approving his performance as "overall satisfactory" at the Nov. 17 meeting.

Comments from board members included, "Good job at keeping us informed," and "Satisfactory for now, but there have been situations where he (Dick) could’ve been more assertive in dealing with staff members." It was also noted that Dick is "always looking for ways to upgrade the school and keep it safe."

The school will be partnering with the Underwood Public Library to start an "Imagination Library" for local preschool children. Each child registered will receive an age-appropriate book, once a month, up until their fifth birthday.

Donations to start up the program have been received from the North American Coal Corporation and the Riverdale Public Library. The school will be the fiscal agent for the program.

Young families with preschool children are encouraged to sign up for the program to receive free books.

Dick informed the board that the Central McLean athletic co-op would be meeting in McClusky on Nov. 19 to discuss current and potential co-ops.

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