February 3, 2011

Supt. Ekstrom to retire

By Michael Johnson, Editor

It appeared he wouldn’t get a motion for his notice of resignation/retirement but Supt. Dale Ekstrom eventually got approval and a thank you for serving the Underwood School for the past nine years. Ekstrom presented his resignation at the last regular school board meeting Jan. 26. Ekstrom decided to let the board know before February of his last school year so that they would have sufficient time to find a replacement. Ekstrom said he looked forward to finding out what retirement was like. Ekstrom announced in his supt. report to the school board that he looks back at the past nine plus years with satisfaction.  He explained how the student achievement of making adequate yearly progress every year was evidence of the work he, the board of directors and teaching staff have accomplished. Capital projects have included the creation of a conference/board room, remodeling of the science lab/classroom; renovation of the gym; construction of a new music room, locker rooms, fitness area, coaches’ office, and storage area, construction of a bus barn and energy-saving improvements are in the near future.

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