July 29, 2010

T-Bones Steakhouse and Lounge opens Sunday

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Since Scott Sackman’s restaurant burnt down a year ago in Fessenden, every day he’s thought about reopening. The old BobKats Cafe in Underwood was the place for him to start his business new again. He purchased the building April 15 and has taken about three days off since then. It’s been a push to start again and serve food to all those hungry people out there. Upon buying the place he really didn’t know much about it. He soon found out that it was going to take a lot of work to shape it into his vision.  "I just get the picture in my head," Sackman said. The wide open space with tiled floor and white walls were too bland for Sackman. The yellowed steel siding across the front, too industrial. His vision was one of family dining in an inviting atmosphere. His answer was simple. Tear out everything and start new.

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