October 4, 2017

Talkin’ taxes – well isn’t that special

By Suzanne Werre
The city portion of Underwood residents’ property taxes will be going up a little less than $7 per $100,000 worth of residential property following approval of the city’s 2018 budget Monday night.
If taxes are paid before Feb. 15, noted City Auditor Diane Schell, instead of $6.66, residents will be paying $5.66.
Following last year’s street project, the specials that folks will be looking forward to paying does depend on whether they have asphalt in front of their homes or gravel, noted Schell. Those with gravel will be looking at paying a little less per 50 x 150-ft lot than those with asphalt. Those who have asphalt in front of their home are looking at paying $2,466.75 over the next 14 years, which equates to about $176 per year. Those who have gravel streets will be paying a little less, said Schell.
Those specials are not “written in stone” yet, noted Schell, as there will be a public hearing on Oct. 19 at which time residents will be able to dispute their specials.
At Monday’s meeting, the commissioners also approved contributing another 10 percent or about $20,000 per year toward the specials, so that $176 dollar amount will go down a little bit.
“The total amount that it will be lowered will probably be at least 10 percent lower,” said Schell.



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