August 29, 2018

Tax estimates going out

By Suzanne Werre
Local residents will be seeing an uptick in their taxes this year according to the preliminary reports sent out by McLean County.
The first year the state’s cities have had to submit preliminary budgets to the county, McLean County Auditor Les Korgel anticipates the stipulated tax increases locals will see will be lower than are estimated on the letters they received.
“This is the first time I’ve actually received preliminary budgets from cities, and I don’t know what their trims will be,” said Korgel.
The county will be trimming its preliminary budget before it comes up with a final one, he noted, and he anticipates the cities and schools may do so as well.
The county’s increase will definitely be going down, he said, because when the commissioners approved the preliminary budget, the carryover from this year’s budget was not included, noted Korgel. Those carryover funds will be put into the new budget, which will then require fewer mills to meet the needs of the county’s budget. The county commissioners will also be doing some trimming of the budget as well, he added, which will also help take a bigger cut out of the increase.



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