August 31, 2016

Teacher enjoying ‘honeymoon stage’

By Suzanne Werre
Sometimes first grade is so much fun, you just want to do it all over again.
Randi Swanson enjoyed first grade so much last year, she decided to do it again this year.
Swanson, Mrs. Swanson to her students, taught first grade in Sawyer last year, and was recently hired to teach the first-graders in Underwood.
Having taught elementary students three years in Sawyer before coming to Underwood, she’s excited to work with her new young students.
“The first four days have been busy,” she said. “They’re a very busy group, but they’re so fun, and Underwood has been so kind and welcoming – the students, the parents and staff have all been wonderful.”
The students were ready to just jump right on in with the school year, she said, and she has already been told, “you’re the best teacher ever,” by some of her students.

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