November 9, 2011

Teachers and students welcome new technology

By Erica Kingston, BHG News Service

Ready access to technology via small packages like iPads and netbooks is being brought into classrooms in the local schools of Washburn, Wilton and Underwood. Each school has chosen their own path in the process, but students and teachers alike have embraced the new software and mobility of the technology and are making a shift in what a traditional classroom setting looks like. Use varies from room to room: Washburn has chosen to discover how iPads work in the classroom. The devices have been slowly getting into the students’ hands, but only under supervision. Students are able to interact with the iPads in special education classrooms where teacher-student time can be one-on-one and apps can be used that are for the specific need. Chelsea Bittner, the speech pathologist in Washburn, uses interactive apps with her students that target their specific needs. “There are a lot of resources on here,” she said. “There are articulation flashcards for every sound – it records the data for you.”

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