May 5, 2011

The Coal Bin opens in Underwood

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Coal may not have much worth in small amounts but get a whole coal bin full and you’ve got something of true worth. The Coal Bin, the newest business to open in Underwood, is a consignment and variety store that hopes to offer a variety of treasures for sale and help you sell some of your own items of worth. The owner, Joe Fleischman, has been involved in the consignment, flea market, auction and general sales business for much of his life. Being able to open his own consignment store in Underwood was a dream he has had in mind for quite some time. It became a reality when he opened the doors for regular business hours on May 1. Where else can you go to see and buy a sea turtle, a 1911 piano, custom purses, fishing gear, antique clocks and more. It’s that variety that Fleischman said draws people in and it’s the ever changing inventory that will keep people coming back for more. The idea for a consignment store came up a couple years back when a study was done that showed such a business was something that residents were interested in.

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