March 20, 2013

The entrepreneur fair had it all

By Suzanne Werre, BHG News Service

Young entrepreneurs were busy showing off their wares and business ideas last Wednesday at Underwood school’s annual Entrepreneur Fair. The event featured potential businesses including such ideas as a gourmet cupcake shop, a dude ranch, a photo memories business, a smoothie shop, a German/Norwegian pastries shop, guitar lessons, babysitting, a soup shop, and sewing lessons, just to name a few. The students created business plans and presented them for judges and for the audience to see. Many of the young entrepreneurs even had samples of their products for the judges and public to check out. “It’s growing interest each year,” said Julie Driessen, who heads up the entrepreneur expo each year. Driessen will generally help some of the students get started with their business plan, but it’s up to the students to do the work, crunch the numbers and come up with a presentation. For a lot of the students, the entrepreneur fair is just something fun to do. For others, the business they’re hawking really is something they’re interested in doing. Hakeem Abdullah of Underwood would love to turn what he loves into a real job. He was busy presenting his business plan and showing off his guitar skills to the judges and public throughout the day, even taking a few minutes to give some free guitar lessons to youngsters.



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