June 13, 2012

The revival continues

By Michael Johnson, Editor

If you thought parking was a little tight at the fair this weekend, you were right. All major indicators are showing that the McLean County Fair is as strong as ever and it’s not showing signs of slowing down. For some, like Jewel Maxwell, it couldn’t have been better. She told fair board president Diane Schell, “It was the most wonderful day of her life.” Lines of people for cheese curds were 10 to 12 people thick. There was so much livestock they almost had to stack the pigs to fit everyone in. If you found a spot at the Ranch Rodeo it was probably on top of someone’s horse trailer. If you missed it, there’s good news. “If they missed it this year, we’re gonna have as good a fair if not better next year,” fair board member Daryl Lies said. Just in case you weren’t there, here is an idea of what you missed.

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