April 17, 2013

There’s no business like snow business

By Suzanne Werre, BHG News Service

While several area students were showing off their business ideas last month at the annual entrepreneur fair at the Underwood school, Underwood freshman Wyatt Wilson has been actually “living the dream” of owning and operating his own business for quite a while now, with a little help from his dad, who does most of the bookkeeping for his business. Wyatt has had his own snow removal business (there’s no real name for it) for about three years, starting with a garden tractor with a blade on the front, mostly working for family. His business has evolved into him needing a Bobcat to get the work for his many customers done, putting in quite a few hours this year removing snow from driveways, parking lots, and anywhere else the snow piled up. Business was good this year, but even Wyatt is ready for spring to come. “I’m ready to stop for the summer,” he laughed. But, that means he will also just start getting the Bobcat ready for next year, he added. Business has been good for the young entrepreneur, ever since he started; so good that three years ago he was able to buy a pickup and put a lift kit in it, he smiled. He likes having his own business and being able to make his own hours and work if he wants to, or not work if he doesn’t want to.



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