March 1, 2017

Three staff members resign

By Suzanne Werre
The Underwood School will be doing some major staffing changes in the near future, as last Wednesday the school board accepted the resignations of long-time elementary teacher Kevin Dockter, shop teacher John Howard, and high school secretary, Heather Weisenberger.
Dockter will be continuing as a football coach, while Howard will continue on at the school as the driver’s education instructor for the next two years.
Supt. Brandt Dick updated the board members on recent decisions in the legislative session that will affect the school district.
He noted that the bill regarding the funding of preschools is now on the House of Representatives side after passing in the Senate. He also updated the board on school budget issues that are being dealt with in the legislature, noting that schools will be receiving the same dollar amount per student from the state this year, but schools are still looking at the 10 percent cut in transportation funds. The legislature is also looking at a bill that would allow government entities to increase their annual budget by just three percent, compared to the 12 percent that is allowed currently. Another bill loosens up the ending fund balance allowed for government entities, which is currently 35 percent plus an additional $20,000 – the bill would increase the allowable balance to 35 percent plus an additional $200,000.

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