May 27, 2010

Ticks are out in full-force

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Buddy’s face said it all. The bright eyes, gaping mouth and wagging tail showed the signs of a happy customer. Buddy, a 12-year-old English springer spaniel has been coming to get his hair trimmed by Connie Pickar his entire life. Or rather his owner, Dorothy Fix, has been bringing him to get his hair cut at Connie’s Canine Cuts, and Buddy comes to get the extra attention from Pickar. During the bath and trim he stood patiently knowing the end was near and he would soon be able to run outside and roll in the dirt. Spring is the busy time for Pickar. In this area, the business stays quite busy through summer and into hunting season, she said. She is often fully scheduled for about three weeks in advance with a healthy list of about 225 regulars. Last week she had some assistance from her friend Katrina Yellow Bird.  The two were trimming fur and nails, and checking over the dogs for any problems they might uncover in the process. Tick season is here and Pickar encourages everyone to check over their pets regularly. A close trimming can make ticks or other growths easier to spot.



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