February 7, 2018

Times are changing

By Suzanne Werre
The band Acoustic Harmony has made a pretty good name for itself in and around McLean County in the past several years – but times are changing.
In a good way. It’s time for a name change, and a new addition to the band.
Turtle Lake’s Acoustic Harmony recently changed its name to County Rd. 7, and added a new member to the band, bass player Jason Levey of Underwood.
Jeramie Love and Kurt Ziebarth started Acoustic Harmony in August of 2011, just the two of them singing some harmonies along with their acoustic guitars.
By the spring of 2012, they had added keyboardist and vocalist Leah Love and vocalist, drummer Chad Schon to the mix.
Kurt had played in bands before he teamed up with Jeramie for Acoustic harmony in August of 2011 – something they’d talked about for quite a while.

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