August 15, 2018

Tomlinsons – Racing is in their blood

By Suzanne Werre
It’s been a good season for Tomlinson Racing.
Brothers Stan (Buckwheat) and Vance Tomlinson each recently picked up track championships at the McLean County Speedway in Underwood – Buckwheat in Sport Mods and Vance in hobby stock -- and nephews Myles and Marcus have been tearing up several tracks around the state and beyond in A-Mods, the same type of car their dad Mike Tomlinson, older brother to Vance and Buckwheat, used to drive.
Mike doesn’t drive as much as he used to, opting to spend more of his time working on the cars and make sure they’re ready for racing, rather than behind the wheel.
“When we go to the races in Minot, we have at least one person racing every class but one,” said Mike.
Mike, 54, was the first one of the Tomlinson racers to get into racing, starting back in 1987 when his then-boss Harry Kittler bought a brand new race car and asked if he wanted to drive it.
“At that time I didn’t understand, but now I do. Racing is in your blood – it never leaves,” said Mike.  “Racing is all-consuming.”

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