June 6, 2012

Training business finds home in Underwood

By Michael Johnson, Editor

It wasn’t exactly the most prime location in the state. It wasn’t a place pinpointed after a full-scale business plan or polling of potential clients. Underwood turned out to be a place of convenience and a place that the training business True North Development found was the right place based on a gut feeling. Teri Ann Gullickson and Dale Knutson, co-owners of True North Development, stumbled upon Underwood after they attempted to find a place of business in a larger venue like Minot. As many other people looking to find a place to stay have discovered, the options are narrowing. They wanted to expand upon a business they started years ago. True North Development is a training and development business that is helping to make sure that all those folks going to work have the proper training and certification to perform their job well and safely. The need for the training of oil field workers prompted their move westward. Among other things, they train in OSHA, construction and energy fields, management systems, technical training, computer training, soft skills development and organizational development.



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