January 7, 2015

Triple-N-Transport up and running

By Suzanne Werre

When one hears about a new transport company setting up in the area these days, one tends to automatically think "oil," but Underwood’s Ross Pickar, co-owner of the newly constructed Triple-N-Transport building in Underwood, made the decision to go a different direction a long time ago, and he hasn’t regretted it for a day.

"Eight years ago, I had to make that decision, and I stuck with ag," said Pickar, as he sat in his new office on the edge of the industrial park in east Underwood.

Triple-N-Transport, which primarily hauls anhydrous ammonia, was established in 1984. Twelve years ago, Pickar and his business partner Dennis Drengsen bought the Berthold-based business.

Just recently, Pickar purchased a good-sized chunk of property in Underwood and set up shop here.

There’s a pretty simple reason why.

"I wanted to be closer to home," he said.



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