December 23, 2014

Try Wolf Creek Wine for last-minute gift

By Suzanne Werre

It’s not too late to pick up that last-minute Christmas present, or that "special gift" for that special someone, and it’s certainly not too late to pick up a few bottles of wine to help ring in the near year.

Many people buy the same wines all the time – they have their favorites – but there are some new wines available in the area that folks may want to try out, and it’s not too late to try them out for the holidays.

Wolf Creek Winery of rural Coleharbor is selling wine made of all North Dakota fruits at several businesses locally, including Grimsley’s and the Rusted Rail in Underwood, the Hometown Tavern in Garrison, Totten Trail, Sir Arthur’s at Turtle Lake, and at the Harbor Bar in Coleharbor.

Owner/operator/vintner Randy Albrecht says a bottle of his Wolf Creek Wine sells for what most North Dakota wines sell for, between $15 and $17.

Wolf Creek Wineries has had some taste testing opportunities lately, at the Rusted Rail, Warehouse Grocery in Underwood, and at the Dickens Festival, Garrison.

One thing is certain. People like what they like, and whatever they like, is right.

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