October 21, 2014

Undead coming to Underwood

By Suzanne Werre

The ghosts, zombies, and the gamut of undead goriness will be making their way to Underwood this Friday and Saturday as the Northern Expressions Arts Council presents what the group hopes will be its first annual haunted house in Underwood.

The haunted house will be in the front part of the Rose Theater, and is anticipated to have a variety of spooky/scary/creepy things that will be popping out at unsuspecting visitors as they make their way through the darkened maze.

Andy Harr, who hopes this year’s haunted house is just the first of many, and possibly just the first part of an annual Halloween-fest event, says he thinks the haunted house will be pretty cool; although he admits he would have liked to have gone a little bit bigger.

"It’s in pretty rough shape right now," he said, as he looked at the bare walls last Wednesday. "I kind of wish that we would have done it bigger, but. . . you have to start out small so that you can make it bigger next year.

"This is just a small slice of the ideas that I wanted," he said with a smile, thinking toward a bigger and better haunt next year.

The construction part of the project, including building the darkened maze-like path that traverses through the haunted house, is being spearheaded by Mark Wood, a member of the arts council and a veteran theater set designer/builder. Bill and Amber Abbott, and Tyler Demars have all also been integral cogs in developing and building this year’s haunted house.



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