May 30, 2018

Underwood board talks SRO

By Suzanne Werre
The Underwood School Board had some questions about the value of a school resource officer answered Wednesday, as McLean County Sheriff’s Deputy Arlan Swanson addressed the school board, offering his services as a part-time resource officer for the school.
“How do you see yourself spending your time here at the Underwood School,” asked Supt. Brandt Dick. “What would you perceive is a benefit to the school?”
Number one, said Swanson parents should feel safe sending their children to school.
“Safety and security – I will be the first line of defense,” he added. “I would do anything in my power possible to protect the kids and staff . . . also,  there is any additional value that I would have for the students and staff, as I could do some classroom stuff, depending on what the teachers and administrators would want to do.
“I could be the liaison between the Sheriff’s Department and the school,” he added.
Swanson said he and the board would simply need to sit down and discuss what he would be expected to do, and what the board would like to see.

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