October 30, 2014

Underwood Clinic wins again

The Underwood Clinic took top honors at the Go Loco For Local Civic Club/Business Alliance promotion in Underwood last Friday, not only taking the prize for the best chili, but also winning the "Best Experience" category, as the clinic was fully decorated, the employees donning costumes from Hocus Pocus. Leon Weisenburger, dressed as Sarah Sanderson, was also the winner in the "Best Adult Male" category.

Ellen Berg was voted "Best Adult Female" for her costume, while Dawson Beck and Bailey Gross were the winners in the children’s best boy and girl costumes, respectively.

North Country Bank was the second-place finisher in the chili contest, which had 90 voters cast their ballots for the best chili presented by local businesses.

Tyler Demars, economic developer and one of the event’s organizers, said this year saw a much bigger turnout than last year.

"We had an excellent turnout," he said. "We had 50 percent more people turn in grading sheets than last year. Last year we were under 60, so I thought that went really well."

Several people didn’t vote on the different chili offerings, and several of the businesses actually ran out of chili.

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