June 2, 2015

Underwood Commencement ceremony

By Abby Landenberger
Summer Intern

Emotions ran high this past Sunday as 13 ecstatic graduates took the stage to be recognized for their long academic journey at Underwood High School.

The ceremony started off as usual; the band plays the processional while nerves begin to creep their way into several anxious students.

What made this ceremony unusual was its number. The class of 2015 is the 100th graduating class in the history of Underwood High School.

Honor student, Paige Weisenberger, kicked off the special commencement with the welcoming address.

Weisenberger described the day as "a rollercoaster of emotions". She relayed some of her favorite high school memories that were shared with her classmates. "It saddens me to leave but excites me to move on", said Weisenberger.

Following the welcoming address, Salutatorian Chailee Berg took the podium. Berg started off by thanking all the teachers and her family members. She discussed the impact her family had on her academic success.

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