October 28, 2010

Underwood commissioners meet with deputies

By Michael Johnson, Editor

The McLean County Sheriff’s Department was represented by Sheriff Don Charging and deputies Craig Salhus and Gordon Malaterre at the last regular Underwood City Commission meeting held Oct. 18. The commission requested that someone from the sheriff’s office stop in at the last meeting, as they have not had any visits to the meeting for several months. One of the concerns of the commission came from Underwood Mayor Rick Olson who said for a while he had been trying to see just how well Underwood was being patrolled and on several occasions he sought out a deputy but could not locate one around town. Charging said that for a period the sheriff’s office was short substantially in the dispatch office. They have since hired on new people and a new deputy will be coming to Underwood also once he is finished at the academy. He will be living in Underwood. Charging said at the time "our main concern was taking care of the jail." Efforts have since been focused on clearing up issues in the county. Charging updated the commission stating that about 90 percent of burglaries that have taken place in Garrison were solved. Recent burglaries in Underwood are still under investigation.



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