August 25, 2011

Underwood drainage plan gets new insight

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Talk of draining Underwood started early in the 2011 winter season. It was evident with above average water levels and above average snowfall that water would be an issue. No one knew it would continue to rain heavily into spring and through summer. Now instead of levels going down, it appears Underwood still has a very high water table. Many residents continue to pump water from their basements. At nearly every city commission meeting, since the snow started melting, commissioners have discussed how to solve the problem of water draining from the north and flowing through town to the south. No plan is set in stone. The most talked about design would have an electric pump installed in a man hole with a 6-8 inch pipe connected near the corner on Ferrellgas property or railroad property just west of Pioneer Park. That pump could send water that flows from the north, to the west and north towards the Repnow Slough.

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