June 27, 2012

Underwood Grille now open

By Michael Johnson, Editor

In case you didn’t notice the extra traffic downtown, there is some added hustle and bustle, thanks to the opening of the new restaurant, Underwood Grille, on Lincoln Ave. That opening is a relief for all those involved in the process. It’s a delicious convenience for those that have been making their own lunch since Christmas. The owners of the building, Underwood Commercial Properties Inc., have worked to try to open the restaurant portion and the lounge portion at the same time. That lounge should be opening up in July. The new restaurant manager Brian Hinzman, originally from Madison, Wisc., said that it feels good to be open after many weeks of working 70 to 80 hour weeks trying to get everything ready. The road to completion has been rocky as Hinzman has had to play carpenter, painter, plumber and now cook along with managing the operations. Hinzman mentioned that a few items were not built as was needed to fit in the new fridges, so some revamping had to be done. Further issues with the coolers has caused more stress. He hopes that he can secure a few more employees to help with the business as these first few days since it opened on the weekend have been very busy. On Tuesday at noon, there was little seating left for the lunch crowd. The building seats about 40 in the front and another 36 in the rear.

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