September 23, 2010

Underwood marketers want you

By Michael Johnson, Editor

When Kathy Tweeten, director of the center for community vitality at NDSU, walked into the Underwood City Hall on Wednesday night, she felt a change in the group of 12 community members who were seated there. The once quieter group was talkative and ready for a change. "I can feel the energy in the room," Tweeten said. Among all the chatter was talk about the marketing plan for Underwood being rolled out by community and economic developer Becky Bowen. Bowen explained the steps the community has made in the right direction by adding families, improving the city’s appearance and adding businesses to the downtown area. But despite the positives, the group of 12 had a lot to say about what’s holding Underwood back. There are still daily struggles in bringing change to a place that in some ways seems perfectly pleased with the way things are. The group was ready to see more people step up for Underwood. "We have an excellent school system," Mayor Rick Olson said. Owner of Underwood Lumber Supply Zac Hedstrom mentioned the great gymnasium. Underwood schoolteacher Toni Cottingham mentioned that the students make AYP year after year, while other schools struggle to do so.



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