March 2, 2016

Underwood opening up the ‘CUPBOARD’

By Suzanne Werre

The "C(to)C" that used to stand for Coast-to-Coast in downtown Underwood, could soon stand for "Community Cupboard," as the former hardware store building will soon be transformed into a food pantry.

The Community Cupboard of Underwood should be up and running this spring or early summer, according to Harmony Higbie, one of the organizers of the food bank.

Higbie says efforts to get a food pantry started in Underwood have been going on for about a year, but the group needed to find a sponsor before the idea could become a reality.

"Augustana Lutheran Church has graciously decided to be our sponsoring agency," said Higbie.

"Dean Cottingham is letting us use the Coast-to-Coast building rent-free, so we have been working on getting that ready," she added.

Right now it’s just a small group of people working on the project, she added – herself, Amanda Haseleu, Anna Haugen and Ralph Driessen, she noted, but the group is hoping to get a lot of volunteer help to not only renovate the building, but stock the shelves once it’s up and running.

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