November 4, 2010

Underwood School now has 32 security cameras

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Ever get that feeling you’re being watched? Well if you are at the Underwood Public School, you probably are. The school recently had 16 more cameras added to the interior and exterior of its building to bring the total to 32 cameras. "What that did was it gave us coverage of areas that were previously hidden," secondary principal Lee Weisgarber said. Weisgarber said that there weren’t reports of problems in those areas but "we had an idea where things were happening," he said. The addition means there are three more exterior cameras, one for each of the main entrances and one overlooking the new bus garage. Weisgarber said the long hallways make it difficult to see everything, but the new technology offers a crystal clear color view of what’s happening. It has the capability of recording for a long period, which allows the administration to check back if a problem was reported well after the original incident.



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