March 13, 2013

Underwood water study seems leak proof

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Design engineers brought forth some good news to a recent public meeting on water drainage in the city. It appears that the city can be drained of water fairly smoothly using just one pump and utilizing gravity drainage for most of the city. A few sections of pipeline will likely be needed and could add up to the bulk of the cost. No cost estimates were provided at the March 7 meeting at the Underwood City Hall. The plan to drain water through the city more effectively was pushed most aggressively in 2011 when record snowfalls led to record numbers of homes measuring water in their basements. The push continued as city commissioners urged the county water board to get involved in the process. The partnership is now in the final stages as the public saw a proposal for added infrastructure from Moore Engineering. Mike Opat, project manager, and Kurt Lysne, project engineer, visited with the public on the plan and provided maps they designed that showed the 2011 inundation of Underwood and their plan to drain the city.



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