September 3, 2014

Underwood welcomes DSU grads

By Suzanne Werre

Two recent Dickinson State University graduates, who also both happen to be originally from New Salem, are two of the new teachers recently hired to help mold and train Underwood students’ young minds. Following are brief introductions of new teachers, Jared Kautzman and Ty Krueger.

Underwood’s new third-grade teacher says he pretty much knew he wanted to be a teacher since he was a kid himself.

Growing up in New Salem the son of a teacher, Jared Kautzman saw first-hand the demands on a teacher and how they relate to their students.

"I’ve always enjoyed working with younger students," he said. "That’s why I became an elementary teacher. I always just kind of helped out after school. I would help her in her classroom, and it just kind of went from there."

His goals are pretty straight forward.



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