September 16, 2010

Underwood’s marketing plan needs your creative input

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Is it the beautiful rolling hills or the pot holes filled with waterfowl that make Underwood an attractive place? Or maybe it’s a strong school system and a vibrant ministry that makes Underwood a unique place among the many dots on the map. Becky Bowen, the community and economic development director of Underwood, is explaining the marketing plan for Underwood at the Marketing Plan Rollout Wednesday at the Underwood City Hall. While she is glad to see the added families come in to Underwood she realizes that those families are mostly moving to Underwood because they have family here. She wants to get people to Underwood because of its many obvious attractions. Bowen will also talk about a test market plan developed by the National Research Initiative (NRI) for marketing rural communities at the meeting. She hopes to identify the best path to take for Underwood to attract and retain workers.

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