February 4, 2010

Underwood’s Scissor Shak gets a new look

By Alyssa Schafer, Editor

Missy Fischer has always loved getting new haircuts and changing her style. In high school, she would visit the Scissor Shak in Underwood, where owner Arlene Arndt would work with her to create a fun new style. "I was always messing around with my hair," Fischer said. "I had different colors and different haircuts." So, when Fischer saw an ad saying Arndt was looking for someone to take over the Scissor Shak, it only took her two days to commit. Fischer is leasing the business from Arndt, who opened the Scissor Shak in 1991. Arndt is retiring from the Scissor Shak because arthritis in her hands makes it painful for her to work. "It’s just been a gradual thing and, with the cold, it has been getting worse," she said. "It’s bone-on-bone. I had shots in both thumbs, but that’s just covering up the pain. It’s not healing it."



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