August 17, 2016

Underwood’s water line of communication reopening

By Suzanne Werre
The lines of communication between the city of Riverdale, the City of Underwood, and the North Central Rural Water Consortium were reopened this past week, when representatives of each of the entities gathered in Riverdale to iron out some issues.
Underwood Ctiy Commission President Leon Weisenburger gave commissioners a brief update on the meeting that was held Aug. 9. Commissioners Jim Bailey and Patti Werre, and City Auditor Diane Schell also attended the meeting representing Underwood.
The greatest thing that seems to be at issue is determining which things should be considered capitol expenditures, with some of the representatives at the meeting disagreeing on what should be considered a capital expense, which would depreciate in value over time, and what shouldn’t.
Since the entities entered into an agreement for use of the water treatment plant in Riverdale, few meetings have been held to keep everyone in the loop, which has brought up questions about rate hikes, over-billing, and overpayment in several meetings through the years.
Another meeting with members of the Water Advisory Board is scheduled for Sept. 15, noted Schell, and the group plans to hold monthly meetings.

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