February 20, 2013

United Methodist Church remains as community fixture

By Michael Johnson, Editor

In the coldest of weather, the United Methodist Church of Underwood can be a small group as many in the congregation are off to warmer weather. But cold weather isn’t going to put a stop to this main stay church in the community. It also doesn’t stop the church leader, Rev. Darrel Aleson, from making the drive from Bismarck to Underwood on Sunday morning. Aleson is a full-time chaplain at the St. Alexius Medical Center in Bismarck and provides a message to the flock in Underwood at 9 a.m. on Sunday. One long-time member, Doreen Radke, said that while the congregation is few in numbers, the church is still active in the community. They recently decorated tables at the nursing home for winter, they contribute to mission work, they provide outreach to the Ruth Meiers Hospitality House and the state hospital. They also work to pray for the needs of the community. The group is made up of older residents and they would love to see younger families come to the church to help build a children’s ministry.



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