June 15, 2016

Unofficially – win for Weisenburger

Underwood’s new City Commission President will be Leon Weisenburger – if he accepts the position.

In Tuesday’s unofficial count, Weisenburger received 85 write-in votes for the position of commission president, while Joe Fleischman received 23. There were also 23 write-in votes for the position, which is currently held by Rick Olson.

Patti Werre and Jay Snyder were resounding winners in the race for four-year city commission terms. Werre received 149 notes, while incumbent Snyder received 118. Mike Erickson received 38, Jeff Taylor 37 and Keyoke Myers received nine votes. There were also 10 other names that were written in for commission spots.

In the school board race, David Beck was unofficially elected to the school board rural position with 108 votes. Incumbent Jim LeRoy received 68 votes, while Sara Ness had 64 and Dan Johannes received 28 votes.



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