April 16, 2015

Wagner, Walcker work wonders

By Suzanne Werre

With all of today’s technology and the latest, new and improved version of everything, sometimes the natural way is still the best way.

With that in mind, chiropractor Ashley Wagner and aesthetician Ashlie Walcker held a joint workshop last Thursday at the Underwood Clinic.

Wagner showed those attending how to make a natural deodorant, while Walcker performed ear candling demonstrations on two attendees, answering the question that was on everyone else’s mind – what actually comes out of a person’s ear with ear candling – by showing them what was "sucked up" into the candles by its "chimney effect."

Walcker also discussed the benefits of essential oils, which can be used to address a plethora of issues, including fatigue, eczema, indigestion, stress, snoring and toothaches, just to name a few.

Wagner and Walcker agreed that they think the fewer chemicals people are putting on and into their bodies, the better, so they were both anxious to share their knowledge with the group.

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