May 3, 2017

Waiting for one last fix, then no Moore

By Suzanne Werre
Toman Engineering’s Harvey Schneider handled a lot of questions Monday night at the regular city commission meeting in Underwood as he worked on wrapping up Toman’s street project from last summer and tidying up the last bit of the floodwater drainage project tackled by Moore Engineering the year previous.
Schneider noted he recently talked to a representative of Bechtold Paving to get a schedule for finishing up last summer’s street project.  Schneider said that as soon as the plant gets fired up, they would like to start in Underwood, finishing up last year’s work and doing the things that have been added on.
The commission begrudgingly agreed to pay Bechtold’s request of $380 an hour (including materials and equipment) for about two days to do blowing out cracks and sealing them. After getting over the sticker shock and discussing the numbers a little bit, the commissioners agreed that Bechtold’s proposal was pretty decent, considering the amount of manpower that would be needed, the amount of product needed to finish the crack sealing, and the equipment that would need to be brought in. Weisenburger proposed agreeing to the $380 per hour, for a maximum of 20 hours, which was approved by the commission.
ASTECH will be doing the seal coating the week of June 12 – so we have to have everything done and ready for them before then, noted Schneider.
Schneider revisited the question of the 10-12-foot apron that is supposed to be going in front of Fox Run. Commissioners agreed they still want the apron done to decrease the amount of gravel that is brought onto Lincoln Avenue.

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